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Fourteen things for 2014….

1. Write more. Make time to write and be disciplined about it.

2. Read more.

3. Don't waste time doing pointless things.

4. Thinking and imagining and being creative is not wasting time, so that's OK. But take notes when you think of something good to follow up, don't just let those ideas vanish into thin air.

5. Exercise more.

6. Be more proactive about being social and meeting new people.

7. Do more research. Don't just write easier/popularist things, push yourself until you understand the harder stuff.

8. Volunteer.

9. Take more photos.

10. Save more money.

11. Go places you haven't been before.

12. Be confident.

13. Be the Beyonce of aid blogging.

14. Be grateful for all the good in the world and always leave the door open for good things to come right on in for a cup of tea.


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