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So, you know how I am supposed to saving money right now so I can go on an overseas trip some time before my hair turns grey… well I’m not doing very well.

Despite being trapped inside for a large part of the long weekend, I have managed to spend a fair bit, thanks to Ebay and a few trips outside…

Yesterday I bought a top on ebay, which cost me $10 (including postage). I also bought some cheap nacky necklaces so that was another $10.

I also happened to end up at Spotlight and bought wool and a loom device and I am now 1/3 the way through making a scarf… it’s pretty messy looking though.  So the loom and wool was $20.

Today I went to the beach and took photos (see below), and then ended up in Randwick on the way back.  I found this great secondhand bookshop where things were actually organised and the staff actually knew what books they had in stock, which is pretty unusual in second hand book land.  It was exciting, I managed to find two books I had been meaning to read for ages and another book that sounds cool. $30 (they are in really good condition and one of them is a new release reviewed in the Herald on the weekend, so it’s not as expensive as it sounds for second hand).

The bookshop happened to be next to a cinema that always has really cheap tickets all the time.  And that cinema just happened to be showing a film I wanted to see.  So $10 bought me a ticket to see Bridge to Terebithia.

I enjoyed the film, except the book was much better.  Being a public holiday the cinema was crammed with children… and the film has a very sad part, and I had tears pouring down my face while all the rugrats around me wiggled and squirmed and smeared choc top icecreams all over their face.  But it was a good film.

If that sounds like a lot, to cap it off, I managed to buy a secondhand vintage 1980’s bicycle (recently serviced, new tyres and seat) on Ebay for $75.  It will be good for cruising around the local area and getting some much needed exercise.  It’s ridiculous to drive to places like Newtown or Glebe when it takes so long to find a park, and catching public transport takes longer than riding there (and costs money, as does petrol and parking).  I figure if I can brave Sydney’s motorways in a car, I should be able to brave the backstreets on a bike.  There are quite a few bike paths around here anyway, and the streets are reasonably quiet on the weekends.  I have to go and pick it up from the lower North Shore next weekend now… and I don’t have a helmet.  So I will have to buy one of those too.  I can go and ride around the bay run for some exercise rather than dish out the dollars for a gym membership or a new wardrobe to accomodate my already-grotesquely-large-but-growing-due-to-winter backside.

I can hear the chortles from my family… after a much-mocked bike accident in my primary school days I have been less than enthusiastic to cycle for a good 10 years.  But I will give it a go… if it’s not my thing I can always sell it on ebay…

I can’t believe how much I spent this weekend though.  So naughty.  But to redeem myself, I went through my cupboard and found some old clothes and stuff that I don’t need, which I have listed on ebay.  So that it something towards offsetting my expenditure I guess.

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