A blog post… well, don’t mind if I do then.


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It’s very strange living without a computer and the internet at home.  I find it a challenge to do the most basic things. Like figure out how much money is in my account. Find a recipe to cook something interesting for dinner. Keep track of how Britney Spears is doing. Write my Mills and Boon (not that I had started that yet anyway).

But I have been doing some other non-computery things like;

  • cleaning
  • reading (at the moment I am reading a couple of review books I scored at work. One, Paradise Lost by Kathy Marks, is all about the Pitcairn Island rape trials and what it was like to live there and report on it.  Sooooooo interesting.  Very freaky place.)
  • knitting… very very slowly
  • going for walks then regretting it because its FREEZING outside, especially in the evenings.  It’s like 10 degrees or so at 6pm. (shut up pom friends)
  • shorthand practice… but mostly avoiding shorthand
  • taking iron supplements and cooking meat.  I found out I was really really badly iron deficient, and B12 deficient as well, which was why I had been feeling like crap on a stick for the last six months.  Trouble is that now I am on the vitamins and meat, I have all this excess energy… which is good… but it means that I run out of things to do that don’t involve spending money, then I go out and spend money.  Which is bad because I am trying to save. 
  • taking photos
  • acting bizarrely, because it’s almost like I have lost a child or something mourning the macbook.  Whenever I want to know something or do something, I look longingly at the space where he used to sit. So sad.

Today was a strange day.  I woke up at 5.30am, jumped out of bed and then decided to put on clothes, grab my tripod and camera and take photos of the sun rising over the harbour.  Then I decided instead that I wanted beach sunrise photos, so I drove to Bondi for some reason, but by then the sun was too high to be special.  And my camera battery then died. So then I decided I wanted to go for a walk, so I walked along the beach walk for some time.  By then it was 7.30am or so, and I decided it might be a brilliant idea to drive all the way to the inner west (there was no traffic, so it wasn’t far) and go to Orange Grove markets in Lilyfield and to Rozelle Markets.  It was lovely, and I bought cheap flowers, amazing dolmades and a brooch.  Then I went for another walk in Callan Park. Then I went home and put through three loads of washing.  Now I am here.  Very bizarre.  But nice.

Here’s some pictures… can’t edit any of them cos I am at the dirty floral internet cafe again, but here’s something.

Sunrise from Blues Point

Sunrise from Blues Point

misc 057

Joggers at Bondi

Flowers from Orange Grove Markets

My $5 tigerlillies from Orange Grove

misc 033

Crayons on the table at Berrima

misc 012

Trees in Berrima

Wow, that was random. If you visit Flickr there is more, but I don’t have time to sort or name them or fix them up or anything. End of most rambling blog post in a long time. Toodles.

One Response to " A blog post… well, don’t mind if I do then. "

  1. Sophie says:

    WOE IS YOU! having to use a seedy internet cafe 🙁
    That first photo is amazing – good ol’ tripod magic! I love the randomness of your excursion so early in the morning. good job!