A holga lot of fun


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St James tunnel

Tunnel at St James Station

I finally got my first rolls of 120 I had run through my Holga camera I bought aaaaages ago developed today.  The results are blurred, some I have accidentally overlapped shots and there are light leaks… so I am a happy Holga user!

Sister in the park

My sister in the park

I think I had the camera on the wrong setting for a lot of the shots so they are quite blurry and I also only had 100 ISO film in so some were underexposed, but I am pretty happy with the shots and I guess it will be a learning curve from here.


Autumn leaves

I mainly got the pics developed to decide if I would pack dear Holga in my bags for Indonesia and the answer is yes!  I'm sure my pics will improve and I also want to use some foam and run some 35mm film through it to see what happens as well (developing 120 is sooooooo exxy).

Kirribilli church (on Holga)

I could probably have glammed them all up a bit in Photoshop if I had it, but I lost it in the great computer crash of '08.

Messy desk (holga)

Messy desk (which I sold on the weekend… there's now just a big gap in my room!)

The rest of the holga shots can be found here.

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  1. Sophie says:

    These are very awesome!