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Yesterday I walked to Kirribilli Markets, then over the bridge, over the Cahill Walk, through the Botanic Gardens and all the way to the Art Gallery of NSW where I saw the very cool Taisho Chic exhibition, which explored the conflicts in Japan’s emerging modernity through art during the 1920s and 30s.  I really recommend the exhibition.  I would, however, recommend wearing sneakers if undertaking such a long walk because my feet are now covered in blisters… I would have looked at more at the gallery except my pained feet were making me hobble somewhat.

On the way I took lots and lots of photos.  Here are a handful or so, it’s quite a mixed bag;

Cacti in Botanic Gardens

Apartments in the Rocks

Flower outside Milsons Pt station

Church at Kirribilli

Art Gallery of NSW

Circular Quay from above Road in the Rocks kicked off shoes, Botanic Gardens

Kirribilli cafe

Sydney Ferry

From the top; Cacti in the Botanic Gardens, Apartments in the Rocks, Flower outside Milsons Pt Station, Church at Milsons Point, Art Gallery of NSW, Circular Quay from above, Road in the Rocks from above, the nasty shoes kicked off in the Botanic Gardens, Kirribilli Cafe and a ferry shot from above while walking along the bridge.

There are so many more, but I think I have posted enough for now…

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