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Don’t get paratyphoid fever.  It really, really sucks.

You will feel absolutely horrible.

You will lose a week of your life or more to it.  For me, NINE DAYS OF ILLNESS, STILL NOT FULLY RECOVERED.

You will have to go on nasty antibiotics that have terrible side effects such as “tendon pain” and “emotional instability” to get rid of the paratyphoid bacteria, causing you to limp like a grandma around your one room kos-kosan prison cell while bawling about how you want to go home to your mum.  You won’t feel like eating anything, yet due to aforementioned emotional instability, will then possibly burst into tears because you are “still fat even though you haven’t eaten anything for a week” so hence berate yourself as some sort of failure.

And when the counterfeit DVDs of teenage drama TV series run out and you have nothing left to watch except Star World (which translates to “nothing left to watch except Friends reruns”), things get even worse.

Oh, and you might have strange fever-and-PTSD-induced dreams where you wake up scared in the middle of the night because you are imagining earthquakes and/or that the ceiling is falling down.

This is all obviously an illustrative example only, not necessarily a true story :p.  Obviously, I’m stronger than that. In public at least.

But yeah, try not to get it.  It sucks.

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  1. sophie says:

    That sounds horrendous… 🙁
    oh boy.