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Was heading to a cafe today, my much longed for day off because I’ve been feeling tired this week, because I wanted to do some writing, phototwiddling and drinking of good coffee, so was going to head to a place in Senopati that I heard was really nice to chill in.

So, get in taxi.  Of course, like 95 percent of taxis here, it doesn’t have seatbelts. Cab driver is driving a bit like an idiot, so I tell him “Pak, hati-hati, iya?”… be careful, yeah?  He ignores me.  There was lots of traffic, as usual, so he was trying to get around it by racing down the busway lane and creating some traffic lane of his own.  We approach an intersection and he decides to make some sort of dash for it, when SMACK THUD SCREECH BANG.  One of those noises was the brakes, one of those noises was a motorcyclist landing on the windscreen, and one of those noises was my head colliding with both the side window and the seat in front of me.

Luckily the motorcyclist was ok, but there was damage to the car and the bike, and since we were in the middle of a busy intersection, where traffic was ironically being directed by a policeman who did nothing when this accident occurred,  they stopped to talk it over.  In the middle of the intersection, so I couldn’t get out of the taxi, naturally.  After a few minutes of yelling that I couldn’t understand, they decided to reconvene slightly down the road, doing a U-Turn so that we are going further away from my intended destination.  All the while, the meter was still running… naturally.

So when they pull over and start their conversation again, I recover enough from my dazed state to yell “aku naik taksi lain” (I’m taking another taxi) and the make for the door, which is locked.  The taxi driver then starts to freak out at me!  He starts yelling at me that I have to pay Rp 20,000 for the ride, even though about 10,000 of that has been racked up since the collision occured, and we have now turned around so I am further from my destination.

I launch into a completely unintelligible half-Indonesian-half-English furious rant which included phrases like “kepalaku rusak karena kamu gila” (my head broken because you crazy) and “aku lebih tinggi daripada kamu jadi nggak takut” (I’m taller than you, so not scared).  Both the taxi driver and the motorbike dude look baffled, but seriously, it makes sense.  But the taksi driver keeps yelling about his Rp 20,000 and then says something about paying the motorcyclist, and I snap, scream at him “kamu bodoh” (you are stupid), throw Rp 5,000 at him, take five minutes to unlock the taxi door, slam it closed, then stride off down Jl Rasuna Said doing my best angry walk while trying to avoid falling down potholes.

Then, stupidly, I decide to continue to Senopati, mostly because I was a bit shellshocked, and get in another cab.  I give the driver the address, and he takes me to a number, but the cafe’s not in site.  Patience non-existant, I decide to search for it on foot… then discover I am in completely the wrong place.  ARGH!

In the end I was so pissed off I just caught another taxi to Starbucks at Plaza Senayan, but now my neck is really sore, my back and shoulder are a bit sore, I have a bump on my head and a headache… and the coffee here is shit.

It’s days like these Jakarta drives me insane.  Though, this stuff would piss me off no matter where it happened.  It just happens more frequently here.

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