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Sure, Aceh may be better known for the tight pants police, but the food is also rather fab.


I’ve scoffed down some mie Aceh at Meutia restaurant in Benhil before… fiery spicy tumeric laced fried noodles with a kick (the secret ingredient in some mie Aceh is reportedly ground marijuana seeds, I kid you not!). (ps… that’s not what is in the picture above, that’s some sort of shredded chicken and beansprout curry, not noodles)

But today I went back for lunch with dear friend Ella, who will pulang (go home) to Australia this week 🙁  So, to drown our sorrows, we ordered the full spread, served Padang style in lots of little plates.  You eat what you want, you don’t get charged for the dishes that you don’t touch.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a bit shit when it comes to actually, ya know, finding out the names and ingredients of the food that I blog about.  But I am a firm believer that a picture says a thousand words.  Plus I’m lazy.


Little plates of beans, eggplant, nangka all tossed in spicy spicy sauce.  Chicken, grilled in thick (wait for it… guess)… spicy spicy sauce!  Mmm so good.  Most of the curries are a little creamy with a kick, but not quite as tongue stabbing as some of the dishes in some Padang restaurants.  But honestly, maybe they are, I have gotten very used to loads of chili after being here so long now.

They also do a mean Teh Tarik (ice sweet milk tea) at Meutia.  Strong and just sweet enough.  So yummy.


Meutia Restaurant is on Jalan Benhil Raya in Central Jakarta, just behind where that Jakarta-famous kepiting saus padang warung is at night time.  It’s opposite Pasar Benhil on the right hand side of the road if you are coming from Jalan Sudirman.  Sorry for not, ya know, finding out the actual address and phone number.  It’s open for lunch and dinner, though the food starts to run out late.  Very casual dining, and for a good price.  We ate until we were stuffed and it cost us about Rp 65,000 each.  It’s even cheaper if you just order mie aceh.

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