Albury’s new library


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Albury’s new library and museum is a striking example of contemporary design that you rarely see outside the major cities.

Albury Library

While many locals will probably flip out and say it is crazy, I think it is a fantastic building and I’m glad the council had the guts to go with something so bold and original, especially since a library and museum is such an important cultural asset for the local area.

library 007

Unfortunately the building fences were still up when I visited, and got in the way of my photo taking, but it opens on Friday and looks really cool.

Albury Library

2 Responses to " Albury’s new library "

  1. centenarydog says:

    like your shots. Are you going to the opening on Friday night or are in sydney?

  2. Ashlee says:

    thanks, I’m back in Sydney now.