Am I a twit?

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For buying in to the twitter craze?  I decided to join, but I don’t know whether I will grow to love or simply forget about twitter.

If you scroll down past my Flickr photos you will see twitters in the left hand column.  Twitter is essentially microblogging, where you only have a small amount of characters to respond to the question "what are you doing now?".

I thought I would give it a go.  It will probably be a shortlived thing though before the next net craze catches my eye…

Sometimes I wonder if all these little gadgets improve or diminish my quality of life.  It’s kinda like when they introduced applications on Facebook.  We all were able to live without them… then suddenly we realised what we were missing.  Maybe it will be the same with this… why blog once a day (ha… more like once a week lately) when I can instantly blog in tiny sentences from anywhere in the world… crazy.

One Response to " Am I a twit? "

  1. Spanish Goth says:

    Not a fan of twitter. I like to contemplate my bullshit first – almost like a northern type chappie in the outside lavvy reading the newspaper.
    But thanks for calling by (the blog, not the toilet)