Another reason why I hate the rain…


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Yesterday we were trapped inside the office by rain.  Then it stopped.  Desperate for coffee, we trekked outside… we didn’t have any brollies or anything.  Then it started pouring down again.  Grrr.  In the dash to get under cover, I fell over because my shoes were slippy.  My jeans got drenched, and my shoes were soaked, and I had to stay in them for a couple of hours until home time.  And it was really cold.

When I got home I realised the extent I had hurt my knee and shin when I fell.  It is all puffy, bruised and swollen, and today I have been limping all day and it aches constantly.  The cold weather doesn’t help the aches.  I feel like a nanna.  It’s especially bad going up and down stairs… which is great considering my room is on the second floor of our house, and our office is on the second floor of the building at work.

Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow.  I have to drive to Crows Nest to pick up the bike, and I have a 21st to go to, and the theme is CHAV.  I looked up chav on Wikipedia, as I was interested in finding out the origin of that word which I love so much.  It was an interesting read.  I also stumbled upon the synopsis for P. Diddy’s hiphopera about midgets hiding in closets and cheating hoes.  I should really watch that some day, it sounds hilariously bad.

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