Art is what you make it


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I found out about this story from a coworker;

Steve Pratt, the territory’s opposition urban services spokesman, spent four hours last Saturday removing what he claimed was graffiti from a cemetery wall in suburban Woden.

But the stunt backfired when Chief Minister Jon Stanhope revealed on Tuesday the mural was not illegal graffiti but an artwork paid for by a local sporting club. More…

What a gaffe!  Who needs the impending doom of another season of Big Brother when pollies pull stunts like this.  Next thing you know they will be deporting more Australian citizens by mistake to show how effective the immigration laws are.  I’m still yet to decide whether Kevin Rudd’s rumba yesterday morning with Kerry Ann was a good move.  But it’s hard to decide without a comparison from the coalition to work with.  Perhaps we need a "Dancing with the Stars election special".  Rudd and Gillard could try and outdance Howard and Costello (two men dancing together isn’t really the Liberal way, so maybe Amanda Vanstone or Bronny Bishop could take to the floor to make things a bit more comfortable). Rudd and Gillard’s Workchoices Tango would be a passionate tale of a passionate cause driven by pain and sorrow, while the Liberals Waltz would be a reaffirmation of traditional family values (not to mention a demonstration that the man is supposed to lead).  I’d love to see a contemporary dance round added to the competition… who knows what other election issues could be explained via the powerful medium of dance.

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  1. Julia says:

    Ha! That’s so funny!