Baby, it’s cold outside.

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Corner of Monroe and 14th NW… just down the road from me.

Today DC got its first real snow of the season… my yard was covered with about two inches of the white stuff.  We’ve had flurries already, especially at night, but this time it actually accumulated a bit… which is exciting for me, as I have had very limited previous encounters with snow.  A super light flurry in London, a trip to the snow fields as a very young child where we didn’t exactly see a lot… that’s about it.

The snow today was all powdery.  The other night when we were walking back, it came with a bitter wind, but today thankfully not.  I haven’t bought snow boots or a down coat, so I’m woefully underprepared, but since I’m leaving the country on Dec 31st, I’m going to try and make what I have last through the art of layering and/or staying inside when it’s really bad… plus I’m heading down to warmer climes for the next week or so to do some touristing anyway.

Besides adding a level of authenticity I’ve never seen before to Christmas kitsch, the snow also makes the ground icy and slippery.  On my street the other day there was some black ice, so cars were skidding a lot.

A dude in baggy jeans and a puffy coat was standing there when I walked past the other day just laughing.  “Dude, check this black ice shit out man!” he says to a passerby, just laughing away as another car spins its wheels on the ice after stopping at the red light.  Usually, people might be a bit more concerned about the safety aspect of the black ice instead of the comedy aspect… someone must have complained, because the area was heavily salted when I walked past again later.

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