Bang bang bang. Happy New Year.


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Sydney NYE 2013-14


Even though I lived in Sydney for five years before moving to Indonesia, I never did the NYE fireworks. Logistical nightmare, being home in Albury over the holidays visiting family or being overseas were the main excuses. So when an opportunity came up for a bird’s eye view of the fireworks this year with some friends, I jumped at the chance. These pictures don’t do the fireworks justice (I stupidly didn’t bring my tripod), but they were pretty special! You can watch a full video of the fireworks here.

There’s other things that add to the atmosphere when you watch the fireworks in real life — such as the electric buzz of a whole neighbourhood of people having house parties, every balcony filled to the brim. And the echoes of an excited crowd around the whole harbour, counting down to the new year, gasping in awe at the fireworks and loudly cheering. Plus the day of being bunkered down in anticipation, which was a lot of fun too!

Sydney NYE 2013-14

Sydney NYE 2013-14

Sydney NYE 2013-14

Sydney NYE 2013-14

4 Responses to " Bang bang bang. Happy New Year. "

  1. KT says:

    Great photos! I always wanted to see that bridge in real life! Have a great 2014! Keep writing! 🙂

  2. Nice pics but why are you standing behind the window ? :))

  3. Susan says:

    The pics you have shared are so vicarious. I am from Europe and heard a lot of positive stuff about Australia from my friends.
    Really looking forward to spend this summers in Australia. Keep posting.


  4. Harvie says:

    Great pics, wow, I kind of regret spending my Xmas in Gatton now, should of went Sydney 🙁