Beautiful beach times


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At the end of October last year, I went down the South Coast with some of my gals. Not just any old gals, but some of my dearest friends–a group whose friendship formed fast in our first year of uni as media students and has only strengthened through the years, even though we are often all over the country or all over the world. 2014 was our 10 year anniversary of being friends.

The coast was gorgeous. We stayed in a lovely holiday house at Nun’s Beach, near South Rosedale, which gave us ocean views, a bedroom each and a big kitchen where we prepared amazing meals and gorged on seafood and champagne. And best of all, we were spending time together. I could gush about the privilege of having amazing female friendships, and how this group of friends never fail to support and inspire and encourage each other, especially when we are going through tough times. But instead I’ll just post some pictures of the coast, because all the mushy stuff doesn’t even really need to be said.

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