Beef noodle soup in Georgetown

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food-1-6Wan Tan Mee (Beef Broth Noodles) at Kedai Kopi Sai Lam, on the corner of Lebuh Carnarvon and Lebuh Chulia in Georgetown.  The flavor of the broth was only subtly beefy, not like the full bodied beef taste you get in a soup like a Vietnamese Pho.  But it had a beautifully smoky taste as well, which made it rather special.  The noodles looked and tasted handmade, with the texture being a little doughy but light. The barbequed pork pieces were delicious.  Really tender and not too fatty.  The wontons, which I believe were also made of pork even though I thought they were beef when I looked at them, were flavorful too.  This place also served a kicking icy icy cold kopi o-peng.

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