Berries, homemade granola and coconut yoghurt

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This was my ’emptying out the fridge before driving home for Xmas’ breakfast. Summer berries, organic coconut yoghurt, and some of my homemade granola (modified off this recipe… I make up a big batch maybe once every six months, each time giving it a bit of a tweak or a twist… the latest variation included spelt puffs and macadamia… it’s perfect sprinked on yoghurt or fruit). Plus a scattering of leftover pomegranate that I had from making the Ottolenghi roasted cauliflower and hazlenut salad for an Xmas lunch (the Jerusalem cookbook is under the Christmas tree for me… yay). The salad was yum–I made a total mess seeding the pomegranate though, red splotches all over the kitchen floor!

Quite a sweet breakfast but also quite lovely. I love when raspberries and blackberries and such are in the realm of affordability.

(Plus my camera is back from a trip to Melbourne for some surgery, yay)

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