Best toast recipe. Ever.


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Yesterday I went to Bronte Beach for breakfast with two of my beautiful ladeeez. It was very yummy and very lovely. So sunny and the beach is just beautiful. But the best thing of all was that I discovered the recipe for some kickass toast… it has now officially replaced vegemite and light philly spread as my favourite toast topping!

This toast would kick the ass of anything Rosie Beaton on JTV could make with some hungover rockstar on Saturday mornings.

Drumroll please!

I present… toast (preferably gluten free rice bread, cos it tastes great)… with jam and ricotta!

toast with ricotta and jam

So yummy! The jam I am using at the moment is a strawberry, blueberry and cranberry combination, but I think it would work equally as well with any berry jam. I feel my quality of life has now improved thanks to this toast.

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