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Yesterday was my birthday (23… it’s almost mid 20s… argh, cue another life crisis!), and among other things I got a gorgeous bunch of flowers from my coworkers which I have been obsessed with photographing (I go through such phases on here… it was all food food food now it’s all nature nature nature).

Anyway, feast your eyes on more photos of a single bunch of flowers than you could possibly ever imagine.  Or just come back to the blog some other time, in the hope that I might have posted something interesting.

birthday flowers

birthday tulip

birthday flowers

There’s more on Flickr.  So very many more.

But I had a really lovely festival of birthday the last few days.  Last night we went out and had tapas at Kika Tapas in Darlinghurst (which is amazing), drank tons of sangria, then went for drinks at the Victoria Room and managed to score ourselves a couple of the huge ornate sofas they have there to spread out on, so we settled in there until the wee hours watching the beautiful people, desiring the beautiful decor, drinking and talking.  Very tired today though and will be on a tight budget for the rest of the month…

And the day before my birthday I got a mini party at work with an amazing chocolate cake as well as the flowers!  So I’ve been getting a pretty good deal out of this birthday…

In exciting news, I also now own a red trenchcoat!  It’s amazing!  I have wanted a red coat for ages, then yesterday the birthday gods delivered it to me on a clothing rack in a store in a perfect colour, fairly reasonable price and absolutely perfect fit.  So, of course, it is now hanging proudly on my bedroom doorknob.  It will quite possibly be the only thing I wear for the next month though (not in an open said trenchcoat and flash people way, more in a "this is my favourite thing in my wardrobe and I refuse to wear any other coat or cardigan" way).

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  1. Everyone likes to decorate his or her home awfully with flowers. Flowers are the most beautiful way to decorate our home.

  2. Shreny says:

    Lovely flowers gifted by your coworkers.