Blame Bush


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Storm clouds rolled in over Sydney today, after days of sunshine.  Sydneysiders aren’t happy about your invasion Bush, and even the trademark sunny weather is giving you a big "up yours".

Today marks the beginning of the APEC debacle.  It took me ages to get to work this morning, as I work near the airport, and all the roads were clogged with traffic and some are closed. And Bush doesn’t even arrive until this evening.

This Friday I will be out at protests along the great wall reporting for 2SER community radio… and I will also be taking the opportunity to take as many photos of the great wall as I can.  Police have been preventing people from photographing the wall, and asking tourists to delete their photos.  People I know have already been questioned and had their details recorded just for being near the wall.  Just being near it.  Doing nothing.  That is undemocratic, supresses the media and is all around a disgrace.  Well, not in my city Bush.  APEC is already locking us out of our city and stuffing up our lives.  Good luck trying to stop us from documenting the disruption.

Anything that goes wrong this week… I’m blamin’ Bush (and his bed buddy Howard).

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