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This post is for the Blog Action Day, which is being held today. See Bloggers around the world are being asked to make a post about the environment… and donate their advertising revenue for the day to an environmental cause. Because this site has no advertising revenue, I’m just going to have a lefty rant for the cause. Which is kind of ironic, since I am going to talk about being all talk and no action.

Trying to win votes based on environmental policy seems pretty easy nowadays. Now that Kochie and Mel have ‘cool the world’ campaigns on Sunrise, rock festivals sell tickets based on ‘climate change awareness’ and you can buy carbon credits to absolve environmental sins, it’s all pretty groovy to jump on the climate crusader bandwagon. Who would have thought Al Gore could be such a trendster?

But it seems that in all the hype these nouveau greenies are neglecting to ask the serious questions about environmental policy, and politicians are relishing the chance to turn a complicated issue into an easy vote grabber.

Prattling on about being green seems the most important thing this election (finally been called!) year. In the same way that the masses jumped on the Tampa/refugees=bad idea that the government was throwing around a few years back, fighting climate change sounds like a good thing to a lot of people.

But there is a difference between saying the words ‘climate change’ over and over with a worried expression on your face and actually formulating strong policy and plans to make a change. And I think the majority of people aren’t holding the government and opposition to task by pressuring them to set real goals.

In a newspaper article about the Live Earth concert held earlier this year, I saw a girl who had been asked what changes she was going to make to her lifestyle to help the earth. Her response was that the concert was ‘just about raising awareness’.

While increased awareness of environmental issues is definitely a positive, we need to be cautious and not believe that the hype and the talk is actually making a change. We need to make changes in our own lives, and push politicians to make proper changes rather than non-core promises and vague target setting, to make any difference at all.

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