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My sister came to visit me in Canberra a couple of weekends back on one of the lovely long weekends we had lately, so I had to pull out the big guns to impress her now that she is a Sydneysider and hence oh so cool etc. So we headed to Mocan & Green Grout, one of my favourites.

It was packed, as usual. I ordered the Tripoli Baked Eggs, pictured above, and they were rather fabulous indeed. Britt ordered some smoked salmon eggs thing, that was good but not as unique and amazing as my breakfast so I think she had some food envy.

The kawfeee was good too.

At Mocan & Green Grout

We also hit up some of the embassy open days. We had sate and roti canai at the Malaysian embassy, and at the South African one we tried Amarula, a national alcoholic beverage that tastes kinda like Baileys. We sat in the sun and listened to the music there for a while on the lovely lawn.

At South African embassy chilling in the gardens.

We look a lot alike in this photo I think even though there is nearly 10 years between us, we have the same smile (and hair)!

South Africa embassy party.

It was a cool building. Britt spent some time in Pretoria in South Africa last year and said that the buildings were a similar style to the embassy.

We also went to night Floriade and saw some good circus acts and paid a lot of money for some terrible fish and chips. I don’t think Floriade Nightfest is really worth the money — plus you get much better photos during the day (see mine from 2011). Also I didn’t have my SLR with me as it needs to get repaired, so camera phones at night are always shonky. But we made our own fun.

Floriade yo.Floriade ferris wheel

We also went to Lonsdale St Roasters and checked out some of the shops at Traders. We both agreed the coffee was better at Lonsdale St than Mocan, but they were both pretty good.

Hanging at Lonsdale St Roasters

We also tried to bake Adriano Zumbo macarons from the packet mix they sell in the supermarket. They didn’t turn out very well at all. This Sweet Berry Lime cake that we baked turned out much, much better. It was delicious.

It’s always nice having my sister visit. It’s funny because when I moved away to uni she was just a little kid (only nine years old). Even though I have spent a lot of time away we are still very close. And now she’s an adult, living in the city at uni. It’s still a bit weird when I buy her beers, it still feels a bit naughty.

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