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Today I went to two festivals, the Sydney African Festival and then the Newtown Festival. Each was very different.

The African festival was small, cool and laid back with some great performers. It was also a good opportunity to play with the manual settings again and I took a few shots I was quite chuffed with.

Sydney African Festival

Sydney African Festival

Click for more photos from the African Festival.

The Newtown Festival was so overcrowded. Getting anywhere was a nightmare and pretty much all that was there was overpriced food and drink, an overabundance of purveyors of Thai fisherman pants, pretty dodgy bands, plus ‘kooky’ stuff you can normally get in the shops in the Newtown without having to survive a gauntlet of indie kids (and kids they were… a very young crowd) dressed in their best vintage. It would have been great if there were half as many people there.

So I didn’t bother taking any photos there, and we ended up retreating to the safety of the pub… where I discovered I got quite sunburnt.

A fun day though.

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