Canberra’s Cherry Blossoms


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When I left DC before finishing my Masters, one of the professors there wrote in an email to me that it was unfortunate that I was leaving, for a number of reasons… one of them being that I would be missing DC at its best, during the spring when the cherry blossoms come out down at the Tidal Basin.

I hope I still get to see the cherry blossoms in DC one day, because I did love that city… but Canberra offered up a little consolation prize right on my own street last month, which was rather nice.

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  1. Dea Elmi says:

    Just discovered your blog as I was researching a name, funny how a city or a country becomes part of our consciousness the more we think about it the more it draws closer to us. I am from DC, well northern Virginia but I moved to DC straight after college and that’s where I hung out mostly anyway. NOVA is a suburb of the district, so, I am so glad you enjoyed my hometown. Good luck with yr move to East Timor. South East Asia and Australia are very much unknown to me but for the last few months are drawing closer and closer. I love your blog btw, the photography, the clear and welcoming template and the concise and yet highly descriptive writing. Most excellent. Cheers! 🙂
    Dea from Marsala western Sicily