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Yeah.  The blog is different again.  I KNOW I KNOW!  I’ve changed it like 10 times in the last six months!  It’s the ultimate form of procrastination, what can I say?

The other design was very effective for showing off photos, but it was really hard to read and loaded slowly in Indonesia!

I also think the new name wasn’t working.  I was feeling… uninspired.  It messed with my chakras or some shit.

So it’s back to the old name.  The other URL will still work, but also does it.

And I’m not settled on the design either, still messing around.  If you notice any major glitches or if it burns your eyes or whatnot, let me know.  I’ll probably overhaul the whole thing again within the space of a month anyway haha.

And I will actually, ya know, try and put up some interesting content some time soon.  In the meantime, here’s a quick piece I wrote about Komodo National Park for ACIJ’s Reportage.  Where?  HERE. Oh, also I wrote one of those pieces where I try and be a bit funny for the Jakarta Globe a few weeks back.  It’s memories of using the now closed down Geocities web site hosting service as a geeky little kid.  Read it here, if you feel like it.

Here, have a random photo I took last time I was in Bali as an apology for being a fickle pain in the bum blogger.


2 Responses to " Can’t leave well enough alone "

  1. Bill says:

    Don’t care what you call it, just keep the blogging up! Always enjoyable — love your pictures.

  2. Ashlee says:

    Why thank you!! *blush*

    I need to get out and about and take some more snaps soon, I’ve been rather housebound with exams and illnesses and whatnot.