Caw-fee (coffee) in Jakarta

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Here’s a nice little video by DestinAsian on some of Jakarta’s newer coffee hotspots (Anomoli has been around for a while, but others in the vid were new to me).

I’m actually sitting in Liberica at Pacific Place right now as I type this, and I have to say that the coffee is very enjoyable indeed.  The music is pretty good too. Strangely, I can see a Starbucks across the way and it is much busier. WHY PEOPLE WHY?????  The coffee here is cheaper and better! YOU ARE INSANE.

Actually, on second thoughts, stay away… I want to be able to get a table at this place whenever I feel like it!

I do kind of wish that cafes in malls here would screen themselves off a bit from the hubbub so they didn’t feel so much like cafes in malls though, if you know what I mean? I think that’s one of the reasons why I like Social House a lot – also Canteen at Plaza Indonesia is in a reasonably secluded corner so it doesn’t feel too much like it is in a mall.

Pacific Place has popped up a few new good options since I was last a Jakartan. The Goods Dept has moved here from Plaza Indonesia, with its funky atmosphere, cool music and AMAZING COFFEE RUBBED BEEF BURGER. Plus the store attached to it has some very cool stuff by local designers.

Potatohead has always been here, and while I haven’t visited since moving back, it still looks extremely popular.

There’s also Canteen next to Aksara, another good option. Y&Y is decent too, and there’s a Din Tai Fung. And there’s some other nice restaurants downstairs.

And Liberica now too.

Plus, Pacific Place is a bit smaller and quieter (maybe? the crowds do seem to be streaming in right now) than GI or PI.

I really spend too much time in fancy malls. But with the Bogor-Jakarta commute these days I haven’t got much energy left to explore during the week.

Though maybe that’s from a shortage of coffee that I should remedy by drinking another cup right now…


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