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Cendol dengan gula melaka

It was really really really disgustingly sweaty dehydration-inducing HOT when I was in Melaka, so luckily one of the local specialities is cendol (pronounced CHEN-doll), a shaved ice treat.

The cendol actually isn’t the ice treat itself, but the squiggly green worms you can see in the picture above. The worms are made out of green pea flour and pandan leaf juice. They are served with shaved ice, coconut milk, red beans and the most delicious Gula Melaka syrup. Gula Melaka, pictured below, is a local sugar made from coconut. It’s got a strong caramel flavour and is very delicious. You can also buy lollies and other treats made with the sugar.

Gula Melaka

The cendol at the top is from a stand outside the Formosa Chicken Ball Shop on Jonker Walk. It was very nice indeed. But the most raved about shop is Jonker No. 88. It’s Gula Melaka syrup is especially revered among the droves of Singaporeans who visit on weekends.

I tried a Es Kacang Mangga from there, and it was so moreish. I would have eaten more, except there was a big queue and it was too hot to line up again in the sun!! There were also people hovering to take my table as well!

Here’s a pic:

Melaka, Malaysia

It has shaved ice, slices of fresh local mango, red beans and sweet corn, covered in the delicious Gula Melaka syrup. Mmmm.

The thing I liked best about both these desserts is that they weren’t sickly sweet.  Just sweet enough, and very light and refreshing.

PS.  My 50mm 1.4 Canon lens is the best investment I ever made for food photos.  The bottom one is taken on my old Sigma 17-70… see how much better the top one is!!!

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