Chicken Rice is better in ball form

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Chicken Rice Balls, Melaka

You know Hainanese Chicken Rice, right? Awesome steamed chicken served with chicken, garlic and sesame oil flavoured rice… yeah? You know it? If you don’t, go Wiki it, dong!

It’s pretty awesome.

But in Melaka, they have GONE AND MADE IT BETTER by squishing the rice into the shape of a ball! So much easier for stupid foreigners like myself to pick up with chopsticks, and inexplicably, so much more delicious.

I tried two chicken rice ball shops on Jonker Street, and one of them, Famosa, was rather good but not great (on a sidenote though, they did a great clear fishball soup).  The other was orgasmically delicious (shut up spellcheck, that is totally a word!).  But you had to queue for ages to get a seat on the weekend.  But it was worth it.

So which one was it?  The very humbly fitted out Cheung Wah. just on the Jonker Walk side of the main bridge, across the river from the Dutch Square, in a white shop.  Look for the shop with a man chopping up a whole barnyard of chickens every five minutes in the front window, and a queue snaking out to the carpark and dangerously on to the road.  They have a sign but it’s high up, so you can’t really see it from the street.

Everything here was delicious.  The steamed chicken was melt-in-the-mouth and beautifully seasoned.  The homemade chili sauce, with bountiful garlic, was just outstanding and not too oily.  And the rice balls.  Oh, the rice balls.  Pillow soft and cooked just right so they didn’t fall apart when you bit into them.  You could use them to soak up the chicken broth on your plate and some more of the chili sauce.

I would have taken more photos, but I ate the food instead because it was too good for wasting time messing about with cameras.

They also served up a yummy fresh lime juice.

Lime Juice

Tee hee!  The limes look like Pacman and Mrs Pacman!

I ended up grabbing breakfast here before catching the bus out of town because it was so great I needed another hit.  And a tip… the queues are non existant or shorter early in the morning, especially on a Monday morning when all the Singaporeans have gone back home. Avoid weekend lunchtime if possible!  It was much better than any of the chicken rice I have tried in Singapore or elsewhere.

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