Chocolate, raspberry and ricotta cake

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I haven’t baked anything sweet in a while, but a colleague was having a birthday, so I was like hell yes, cake time y’all.

I used this recipe, doubling it to work in a 23cm pan. I replaced the fresh raspberries for frozen ones, since I’m not a millionaire, but that was the only other modification.

It was really nice and moist — overall I was really happy with it.

I made a quick ricotta buttercream icing for the top. No recipe for that sorry.

I actually love baking. Especially on a Sunday afternoon. Especially the decorating part (I probably made this cake a bit girly for a guy, but hey). There’s something very satisfying about making food and sharing it with friends.

Washing up afterwards is the thing I dislike. I don’t even understand how I got cake batter splotches in so many places around the kitchen. It’s like a five year old ran secretly ran through there while I wasn’t looking.


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