Computer disaster (again…)


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My laptop has died.  I think it’s the hard drive.  So there won’t be much blogging from me at the moment.  I am in mourning because I think I might have lost everything on the hard drive so bub-bye to lots of my photographs and music AGAIN. How annoying. The laptop is only six months old and trust me, the poor Apple employee that picks up the phone will get quite a blasting.  Angry Ash. (don’t even start on the phrase “you should have backed up”. I can’t hear it now, alright.  Don’t kick a girl while she’s down.)

Ugh this keyboard is terrible, sorry if there is typos. I wish I had my camera here.  This convenience store cum internet cafe where I have popped in to check on my bank balance (I can’t even manage my money without the internets, it’s terrible) has plastic flowers suspended from the ceiling, cheap prints of the English countryside and passive aggressive signs saying things like;

“Dear Customers, please be advised that digital cameras are recording throughout this store 24 hours a day. To avoid embarassment please pay for services provided. Any wrong-doings maybe (sic) BROADCASTED ON THE INTERNET and reported to police. Civilised law abiding customers are welcome here.”

I wonder what people were doing in the internet room that was YouTube worthy?  Maybe I don’t want to know.

The store looks like it was decorated by a demented grandmother… but it looks like it has been cleaned by a teenage boy.  It’s really filthy and I am so disinfecting my hands after using this keyboard. Ugh.

So no computer.  Except at work, where I am generally expected to write news stories and other such things, rather than stories about minute details of my life that most people probably don’t care about.

That means that you lovely people will miss out on hearing all about my day trip to Berrima yesterday where I bought jams and ate scones and took pictures of scones, jams and trees.  It was lovely.

You also won’t get to hear the long but hilllllarious story about my insane neighbour, complete with pictures of passive aggressive notes she has written.

You will also miss out on my review of the Sex and the City movie that I am hopefully seeing today or tomorrow.

Poor things.  Poor me.  It’s a very sad situation indeed.

3 Responses to " Computer disaster (again…) "

  1. Mathilde says:

    Waah! Exactly the same thing happened to me recently with my 6 month old Mac. I have always been a massive Mac supporter, so hearing all the bloody PC users mocking me for my crashed machine was so painful. I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that you recover your data.

  2. jess says:

    1) Purell hand sanitiser gel
    2) When you get up and working you totally have to tell the crazy neighbour story.

  3. Ashlee says:

    Thanks for the words of support ladies. It’s gone away to get fixed now but they basically said the chances of date recovery are slim.
    It’s so annoying how you go in and they imply that you should have backed up because it is irresponsible not to, yet when you imply that they should have MADE A MORE RELIABLE COMPUTER AND HAVE BETTER QUALITY TESTING REGIMES BEFORE SELLING THEM, they put it down to manufacturer error or some such. Not fair.