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After a week of carbon pricing BS, sometimes you just need some DANGDUT. Goyang lagi yuuuuuk! Ah!

And really, my trials and tribulations reading The Daily Telegraph and the like are nothing compared to what Inul Daratista has had to go through for the right to shake her booty (aka goyang, or ‘drilling’).

Which of her jumpsuits is your favourite?  I love the yellow.

I’m a bit too tired to translate the whole song, but the gist of it is that Inul is sarcastically apologising to her critics for being too “seksi”… then shaking her booty all up in their faces with dramatic electric guitar riffs.

My favourite line is this:

“Ada yang bilang/ dangdut tak goyang/ bagai sayur tanpa garam /kurang enak/kurang sedap”
Rough translation: “Some say dangdut (the name of this genre of music) without goyang (shaking/drilling/gyrating in Inul’s distinctive style) is like vegetables without salt – less than delicious, not pleasurable.”

Another great line, that perhaps explains why I am drawn to watching Inul’s hypnotic gyrations:
“Seribu satu macam problema/ sejenak kita lupakan saja/ lihat goyang Inul / semoga terhibur sayang”
English: “One thousands types of problems are forgotten in a moment when we watch Inul (the singer) goyang (shake). I hope you are entertained, darling/honey.”

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