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After stumbling home from work today after a particularly stressful deadline I somehow ended up in the supermarket because I needed things. I don’t know how I ended up there… it’s all a blur of cars I avoided hitting and lights I subconsciously stopped at despite my eyes drooping as if heavy little boxes of worries were dangling from the end of each of my eyelashes.

So, I was at the supermarket. I needed to buy bandaids because I have blisters on my feet. Naturally, I now sit at home with no bandaids because I forgot to buy them. But anyway, while I was there my muddled brain came to the conclusion that I must live amongst Sydney’s most prolific users of hair straightening irons. Every girl and woman I saw aged between 16 and 37.5 had beautiful straight hair. It got me thinking… how come these women never look frazzled? My unruly curls give me an air of frazzled mayhem from the very moment I wake up… and after deadline my hair is even more a mess, with dark circles under the eyes topping off the crazy chic look.

I’d say I’m fairly together… but the straight and tidy hair of all these women around me makes me feel like I’m some kind of underachiever when it comes to the hair/life balance. Actually when it comes to the ‘give a shit about the way I look’/life balance.

So to distract myself from pondering my failings, I went a bit nuts in the fruit section, now that the summer varieties are dropping to reasonable prices. Strawberries and blueberries were on sale. I heard Queen Latifah once sing lyrics ‘the darker the berry the sweeter the juice’, so I picked two punnets of the darkest looking berries off the shelf. Because song lyrics are the best indicator of how to purchase fresh food goods.

The blueberries were amazing… the perfect type of ripe so that gently smooshing them with my tongue meant they broke down into sugary pulp in my mouth… but the strawberries were too smooshy, and the ones in the middle of the punnet were mouldy. How sad. Well, I guess not even Queen Latifah can be right all the time. Cos like sometimes she has her hair straight, and other times it’s curly.

I’m going to bed.

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