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After a taxing day in the office and at the motor vehicle inspection centre (yes, I have wheels now… more on that later), I decided to go for a quiet early dinner at Little Pataya. Just me, my Kindle, a bowl of hummus and some falaffel and the stunning Dili sunset.


Well, that was the plan anyway. There were some kids playing soccer on the beach, which was wonderful and added to the scenery and ambiance and the beauty as the sky started to turn orange. Then they started to do running races.  Also cute and great.  Then some stray dogs started chasing the kids as they were running around.  The kids moved further down the beach to play, away from the feral dogs. The dogs stayed behind and one of the dogs tried to have sex with the other dog unsuccessfully multiple times. The kids playing further down the beach had now disturbed a large pig, which came waddling down in front of Little P. The dog then tried to have sex with the pig, with marginally more success than it had with the other dog. Two men stopped to laugh at the scene. One of them got a phone call and started hysterically describing it to a friend.

The sky got darker, fading to pink and deep purple, as the sun dipped lower and turned the water the colours of fire. Jesus looked down on us from across the bay. The pig made that terrible screaming noise that pigs are want to make. The two young Timorese guys laughed and slapped their knees and made bawdy jokes. The kids down the beach started throwing pebbles at each other and arguing.

The hummus and falafel was great.


2 Responses to " Dinner with a view "

  1. heather says:

    literal lols

    those pickles look interesting, are they fried?

    • Ashlee says:

      It’s actually pan-fried eggplant with lettuce… very tasty. It’s weird they used the green ones, the purple ones are so prolific in Timor.