Disco bowling: An occupational hazard


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I have only ever been disco bowling one other time in my life… in London, where we made fun of a crazy guy in the next lane who was decked out completely in white for the occasion.

So when we heard that the company Christmas party was to be held at a disco bowling venue, I had my doubts. But I thought free flowing alcohol would help ease the pain.


And help it did… up to a point. Played lots of air hockey. Watched other people play pool. Disco bowled. Drank copious amounts of champagne without opening my wallet. Myself and a colleague were almost kicked out by bowing as a duo (apparently it’s really bad to bowl two balls down the one lane… I thought it might improve our chances).


But at the ‘after party’ there were too many balls of a different kind and it all got very gross. It didn’t help that there was another company’s Christmas party on in the same area, so it was drunken middle aged men behaving badly overload.

I think the key to surviving the company Christmas party is to drink early and then leave early. I will keep that in mind for future reference.

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