Dreamy stormsky…


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This storm started rolling in just as I was getting ready to go to work yesterday.  The stormsky and the voile curtains and the light and the mirrors in my flat all intrigued me… so I took lots of pictures.  When I was shooting them, I thought they would look better toy/old film camera style, but I couldn't be bothered to shoot film and wait forever to get it developed (see what being part of the computer generation does to you?), so I just tried to make it look like film later in Lightroom.



Today, there was no stormsky though, only sun.



I find it hard to pick out of all these pics of the same thing which one I like best though…  I'm not much good at "editing" down my pictures yet.  If this was Project Runway, I would have just been told off by Tim Gunn because my "collection" is too repetitive.

3 Responses to " Dreamy stormsky… "

  1. Hans says:

    I like the 1st and 4th best. What I usually do, is to delete the really bad ones first, then keep the best few of the ones taken in a shooting burst. Then, I wait for a few weeks to delete the rest, when I’m less ’emotionally’ attached to them. I read that Ansel Adams said that 12 good photographs in any one year is a good crop! 😉

  2. Ashlee says:

    Thanks for your feedback Hans… I definitely need to get better at cutting back. I think it’s because I’m continually surprised at what comes out of my camera sometimes, in the good way and especially with all the cool stuff here there is to shoot, so I can’t cull back my photos brutally yet. And, also in the bad way, in that I don’t think I take any shots that go from “good” to “amazing”. Then it would be easier to cut back as well…

  3. just ajeng says:

    there is 1,2,3…..sorry,i get lost here,wers the 4th?
    gah..bad internet connection!damn it.-sorry
    i like the 1st BEST,btw.WOW!i don’t know much bout photography,but i must say this one’s blew me away.nice storm.o sorry,nice pic!:)