Empathy vs sympathy


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This year and a bit has been super hard. It’s also been really hard to sometimes ask for help, or to articulate how much being ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has impacted on me emotionally. But this video is such a wonderful explanation of the difference between empathy and sympathy. Those who have treated me with empathy have had the biggest impact this year–I’m in a situation where there aren’t many solutions, so what I’ve needed most is support. I hope ‘at least’ that going through this experience will make me better at being empathetic to others. I’ve definitely been guilty of being sympathetic at best, or diving into problem solving mode, when presented with a friend’s problem that seems too big for me to help them with. We all want to try to fix things and alleviate the pain of those we care about. But sometimes empathy and support is the best thing to offer up.

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