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Padang Beach

Sunset at Pantai Padang, March 2009.

What a crazy past two weeks.

The Padang earthquake was so tragic… I had such a fantastic time when I went to West Sumatra earlier this year and met so many wonderful people, so the disaster out there made me especially sad.  Once I had a moment to think about it in any way beyond that initial newsroom gut reaction to get information and get it up online as soon as possible, that is.

But the quake meant that work was kicked into high gear… right before I had to sit my GRE.  But, what can you do?  I certainly couldn’t whinge too much considering I had a roof over my head, food on the table, my life etc.  So the study plan on my desk never got fully realized, but I still sat the exam on Monday and did respectably enough to hopefully not ever have to sit it again.

So now I’m in phase two of the hastily concocted plan and looking at schools all over the place and trying to decide exactly where to apply.  The natural disasters in the last few months have made me think that breaking news journalism definitely isn’t what I want to do forever, so I’m feeling more certain about my decision to think about going back to study.

But all this isn’t very much fun for you to read.

So, in lieu of me actually writing anything fun right here, the best I can do is provide you with some links that have amused me lately.  Lazy blogging, I know!

Read about Simon Cowell’s crazy birthday party. Waiters in Simon Cowell masks.  A dancer dressed as a giant minge.  Alphabet spaghetti?  All kinds of horrible!

Overheard in the Newsroom. Sometimes amusing.  Sometimes depressing.  Not as depressing as Angry Journalist, though. I was tempted to post some of the punning gold flying around when we wrote a story about Noordin M Top’s funnel shaped anus, but decided to refrain :p.  What happens in the newsroom stays in the newsroom.

Manohara attends Golkar conference and expresses desire for political career. The most editing fun I’ve had in a while.  This kid never fails to amuse me.

Hitler finds out about iSnack 2.0. The storm-in-an-Australian-sized-teacup over the new Vegemite name at least spawned some hilarity.  But seriously, iSnack 2.0?  Stupidest name for a condiment ever!  And Cheesybite, their fallback name after public outcry, isn’t much better. Marketing department FAIL.

Alright, that’s about all I can muster this evening.  I was going to write about my surreal Jakarta Oktoberfest experience today, but it shall have to wait.  Later lovers.


Some places you can donate to help the Padang quake victims:

Build Change

Surf Aid

World Vision

Red Cross

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