Feelin’ like Sunday mornin’.


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I’ve got a cold.  So along with the bruise pains from last week’s bike incident (it’s more purple than blue now) I have cold related muscle aches and pains.  Not fun.

So I am still in bed at 11am.  Which is quite delicious.

Being the hipster that I am I stayed up late last night to do my tax.  What a ragin’ Sat eve!  Watched Doctor Who, did tax.  At least I got the chance to listen to some new tunes while having e-tax related fun.  I am enjoying Tilly and the Wall at the moment.  It’s beyond awesome that they have a tapper instead of a drummer.  I did tap dancing when I was growing up.  It was all cheesy music, sequinned costumes, fun but daggy.  So daggy.  But every now and then, someone does something cool with tap, like Bootmen.  Or Tilly and the Wall.  I can’t think of any other examples right now.  There possibly aren’t many others to think of.

I remember there was a tap guy on Sesame Street sometimes that was cool.  I think that’s why I ended up taking tap classes.

What should indie rockers reclaim next from cringe worthy ickiness?  How about tax?  Some sort of accountancy based indie aesthetic?

Maybe not.  It’s probably already been done.

Good news though, I am getting a return!  Yay!!!  Better than a bill, that’s for sure.

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