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It’s basically almost nearly been five years since I started this blog.  Crazy!

I’ve had other blogs in the past, but this one has been the one I’ve kept for the longest and it has probably also been the most interesting, probably more by the virtue of my having the opportunity to go to interesting places rather than by any specific effort to be interesting.  Plus my photos have gotten better too I think!

Since starting this blog I’ve lived in Sydney, Jakarta, Washington, Canberra and Dili…. that’s five cities in five years.  Hmm.  I really am a gypsy.  It’s (on the whole) been fun though!

I might try to pull some old posts from one of my old blogs when I was in Europe and put them in here too for posterity.  Actually, I think I first mentioned that I was going to do that about five years ago when I started this blog, and I still haven’t…. so we’ll see.

2 Responses to " Five years of betty loves blogging! "

  1. Deputy Daryl says:

    I loved the Vietnam through the eyes of a sixteen year old and look forward to some of the, When I was studying in England or the Eastern Europe stuff

  2. pattydiamond says:

    Cheers for the blog Ash! have loved following your adventures since the Jakarta days and now onto your current work in Timor…beautiful photos!