Floriade — AKA ‘F**k yeah, flowers”


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Have you ever just wanted to look at so many flowers that your brain might explode?  Have you ever wanted those colourful displays of flowers to be arranged in themed garden beds?

Well, you need to get yo’self to Floriade, dawg! It’s Australia’s celebration of Spring!  And one of Canberra’s most popular events of the year!

Flowers! And rides for the kids for when they get bored of looking at HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF FLOWERS.

OK, so I had never been to Floriade before and I was expecting it to be pretty lame because it is kind of one of those Canberra jokes like “roundabouts” “Skyfire” and “Summernats!”.  But I was actually pretty impressed.  Maybe it is because I share the same interests as many of Canberra’s retirees?  Maybe it is because I like colourful things?  Maybe because admission was free?  Maybe it is because I’ve already lived in Canberra since February , so I’ve acclimatised? I dunno.  But I was impressed.


Have you had enough flowers yet?  WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!

And we are done.  WAIT! JOKES! NOT EVEN.

OK, I’ll stop now.

One more.

Actually…. one more.

2 Responses to " Floriade — AKA ‘F**k yeah, flowers” "

  1. sarah says:

    hiya – Sarah here, you left an awesome comment on my blog which I”m currently writing a response to. Thanks!! Just writing to say I love your blog. I’m in the US at the moment, and kind of homesick for brown suburbs and big blue skies (kind of embarrassing). I’ve really enjoyed your posts. Floriade, hey? It really is kind of cool.

  2. Daryl Betteridge says:

    Good to hear that you have purchased a new lens for your camera. Its good to see that you are taking some really nice photos.