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I haven’t seen such a great film in quite a while. Forbidden Lie$, an Australian made documentary, is a brilliant movie that delves into the web of lies spun by Norma Khouri, author of the apparently true book on honour crimes, ‘Forbidden Love’, that was shown to be a sham by Sydney Morning Herald journalist Malcolm Knox.  The characters in this documentary are so amazing they are hard to believe. Norma herself is just undescribable.  You have to see it yourself… so cunning and manipulative.  Malcolm Knox is great, and the documentary maker Anna Broinowski is brilliant- her frustration with Khouri only goes to show how deep the web of lies goes.  Khouri’s Brisbane neigjbour was a fantastic character, and so was Khouri’s dodgy Greek husband.  But my favourite character was Jordinian journalist whose name I forget.  She was one of those people you want to grab and loudly exclaim "you are awesome!"

Made me wanna get out there, kick down some doors and win a Walkley or somethin’.

But it also raises heaps of important questions about the nature of truth and the role of journalism… as well as Western perceptions of Islam, and it is a stark reminder that you can’t believe everything you read.

Personalities, research, good editing… this doco kicks ass.  Go see it.  You can’t help but be fascinated.

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