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Today I decided to go to this doughnut chain store called J-Co, which is super-dooper popular here in Jakarta.  People crowd and queue up to get some of its sugary goodness.

The doughnuts are all the colours of the artificial colouring rainbow, but I had never actually ventured close enough to see what the flavours were.

Until today.

The doughnut that first caught my eye was the one THAT LOOKED LIKE SOMEONE HAD REGURGITATED A PIZZA ON IT.

"Apa ini?"

"Pizza doughnut"

"Mau ini."

I had to have one.

How could you say no to this?


(I'm obviously talking about the one in the middle with the chunks on it… the other two are Oreo and choc-mint.  Boring flavours.)

It was sitting next to the cheese doughnut, and another one that looked like diarrhea doughnut.  I'll try them some other time.

So, the taste test.

I thought the doughnut itself might be savoury, but no, the usual super sweet doughnut.  The glaze tasted weird… kinda like sweet but spicy tomato with sausage flavour… I think that sauce on the top is sambal (chili).  The chunks of sausage were what really pushed it in to "WTF???? WHY???" territory.  Yes people, that's meat on a doughnut.

It didn't taste unpleasant.  Just sweet, and really bloody weird!

There's quite an obsession in Asia with sweet/savoury combinations… lots of sweet cheese rolls, corn or peanut butter in sweet foods… some of it is fine, but some of it my meek Western tastebuds just can't understand.

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