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One of the nicest things about being home, besides seeing my human family, is seeing the furry members of our family–Winston and Pogo.

My adorable stalkers.

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Winston is young and sprightly and completely insane (Cesar Milan, Dr Harry, any animal psychologist would have a field day trying to figure him out), while Pogo is in his more restful years, rarely getting energetic except for when there are opportunities to go to the park, and at meal times (which he demands with great drama– he is obsessed with food and fears that any minor delay to his meal schedule will result in death… when he was younger he used to steal loaves of bread from the table and hide them in various parts of the house whenever anyone went out and he was left at home by himself just in case we didn’t come back). He no longer bothers to bring a ‘gift shoe’ to the front door any time someone returns home, which was his previous custom. He’s also put his career as a political campaigning dog for dad’s local government stints behind him–he’s basically retired and sleeps even more than me.

Front verandah surveillance operations with Winston and Pogo.

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This is Winston previewing a website I am building.

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They are both lovely to pat and hang out with on the couch, though Winston likes to get very close to one’s face with his dog food breath right after dinner and also growls while wagging his tail and cuddling up to you, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and is confusing for all of us. He also has some kind of dog-ADHD and if there is any noise or movement in the house, he is immediately distracted. Pogo on the other hand is completely chill.

Pogo chillaxing to the max.

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They are lots of fun and bring us all lots of joy–I would love to have a pet of my own someday.

Oh hi Winston. You aren't the best nap buddy with your constant demands for attention.

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