Good morning, Georgetown. What’s for brekky?

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How to decide what to eat for breakfast.  Step 1.  Walk around to nowhere in particular.  Step 2.  Spot a shed with no signs that seems to be a functioning coffee shop.  Step 3.  Order whatever the busiest vendor is making the most of.  Step 4.  Enjoy.

This morning I ended up at what was literally a shed on a corner with no signs past the Campbell Street market on Lebuh Carnarvon, just before the intersection with Lebuh Acheh, in Chinatown.  It was packed with locals, which is the only recommendation I need.  I got a kopi o-peng, which are becoming very addictive (I may not be able to wake soon without a morning jolt of caffeine and sugar), and then ordered a bowl of whatever that little old woman was frantically dishing up all by herself to table after table.  It turned out to be the noodle soup you can see above.


With chillis on the side.  The broth was beautiful… so full of flavor (it was a chicken stock) with a hint of ginger that made it taste like it was healthy, almost medicinal.  The noodles were cooked perfectly, the fishballs suitably fishy but not overpoweringly so and the meats (a mix of pork and chicken) and bits of innards (that I chickened out of eating) topped it all off.  I have no idea what the dish was called, but it was good.


Considering that it was so close to the market and street vegetable vendors, I reckon it was pretty fresh too.


2 Responses to " Good morning, Georgetown. What’s for brekky? "

  1. Lina says:

    Yum! Your pics are so much better than mine. Did they have chee cheong fun at that place? The third picture looks suspiciously like the place that I had my third breakfast at one day.

  2. Edgar Alan Poe says:

    I am beginning to wonder if in August if you go to A.N.U. will Canberra be boring or just the breakfasts.