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It is generally accepted by all the middle class people I know that Georgetown is full of charming historic buildings and beautifully manicured streets, lovely restaurants, bars and cafes that we can’t really afford, yuppie chain stores, a good sprinkling of DC tourists… and pretentious wankers.  Lots and lots of people with collarpopped Ralph Lauren polo shirts on.  Lots of rich kids in Georgetown University athletic wear or J Crew talking obnoxiously about how their parents don’t give them enough money to spend on alcohol.

Sure, there’s probably a lot of nice people in Georgetown too, and I have met some Georgetown grad students who are very nice, so what I mentioned above are just the stereotypes… but stereotypes usually start somewhere, right?

So if you ignore the packs of 20-year-old males driving around in shiny SUVs screaming the word “Hoyas!” out the car window along with strange hand signals and thinly veiled loud misogynistic remarks about women on the sidewalk, Georgetown is a perfectly nice place to wander around for a couple of hours… just be careful the yuppies don’t scratch your arms with their pointy shopping bags.

It has some really pretty streets, especially if you wander back away from the retail strips and into the more residential part.

And if the frat boys get too much, at this time of the year there’s giant nutcrackers on the street to sort them out….

And if you run out of ideas for what to do, or get tired of walking, you can join the largely stationary line that goes around the block to try and get some small baked goods at the wildly popular “as seen on TV” Georgetown Cupcake.

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