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People back home keep asking me what I am eating. For a while, the answer was nothing.

Now that I have recovered from my stomach issews, I am enjoying the food here once more.  Indonesian food is so varied, as there are so many different regions.

This was really yum.  It's called Nasi Gudeg, and it has chicken, tofu and egg with stewed spicy jackfruit and crispy beef skins.  It came with this big peanut cracker thing as well which tasted yum.

It's not as spicy as some of the other things I have tried, but nice with subtle sweetness from the jackfruit.  This was just from a crappy shopping mall restaurant, but it still tasted good.  Apparently it's a special of Yogyakarta, so because it's central Javanese, it's not as chili-laden as the food elsewhere.


Another yummy thing I have tried is gado-gado, which is a salad of various greens, egg and tofu, drenched in delicious creamy peanut or cashew dressing.  Very good.  Don't know if the dressing negates the possible health benefits of eating salad though, it was quite rich.

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