Good parenting!


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So while I was swimming at the pool tonight, these two young kids (about five or six years old) were splashing and tearing round the poolside, which is always wet and slippery, and I was concerned about their welfare, but couldn’t say “be careful” because of the language barrier.

The pool is surrounded on three sides by apartments, fifty floors high.

I was wondering, where are their parents? They are too young to be down here unsupervised.

How wrong I was. All of a sudden, I hear a voice scream out and I look up, and see someone calling out from about floor number fifteen. Remember, it is night time as well and the pool area isn’t super brightly lit. I live on the ninth floor, and people down at the pool look like ants even from my place.

One of the kids runs over, and then two towels are thrown down approximately fifteen floors! One of them almost fell in the pool and the other landed in a puddle.

Nice work mum or dad or nanny.

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