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Check out the pumpkin I carved!

Halloween was fun. There were lots of zany parties on Saturday night, and DC was already all amped up after the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear (I will write about it soon), so the atmosphere was great. On Sunday night, the actual day of Halloween, I went to my friend Amanda’s place in Maryland and she taught me how to carve a pumpkin.  Then we put it outside and waited for the trick or treaters to come… we probably had about 40 or 50 come to the door, and almost ran out of candy!  The kids were so cute… dressed up as all kinds of things.  Our first visitor was a little baby on their first Halloween dressed in a little skeleton jumpsuit!  So cute!  One kid had this freaky mask that when he pumped this hand pump thing, blood ran down the face of it.  There were fairies, ballerinas, a whole family dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland, spidermen, batmen, spiders, bats, witches, ghosts and more.  It was a fun holiday… I think the idea of kids going around in their neighborhood and getting candy is really nice.  But we were also talking about how parents won’t let their kids take any non-prepackaged candy because they are worried people might put drugs or razors and stuff in it.  Hmm.  That’s not so nice.

But where we were, everyone was having a good time.  How could you not, with this sign on the door?

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  1. Lisa says:

    Wow I should have that sign on my door!