Happy Valentine’s Day to my homies, wherever you are.


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On the Hume Highway, near Wangaratta, June 2009

Just because I’m single (like usual) on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean I don’t have people out there who I adore.

Happy Valentine’s Day to:

– The family who lend moral support to my madcap lust for adventure and being in far-flung places, even though sometimes I know they’d prefer if I just came home.

-The friends who have made me feel at home, no matter what city I’ve lived in.

-The friends who are also supportive of my crazy, tolerant of my crazy and sympathetic of my crazy (a lot of you cross over with the previous category)

-Everyone else.  You’re lovely too.


OK, enough mush, now let’s get this Hallmark holiday OVER with so I can stop seeing fluff stories in the news about it.

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