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Today I was home from work.  I had a killer headache, and felt really clammy and ick this morning, but after sleeping most of the day, and conducting a few interviews over the phone from my bed for work, I am feeling much better now.  I am supposed to go to a party tonight, but having a headache before you go to a party is never great. It’s supposed to come after the party!

I found a great website though via Emma, which made me laugh a great deal. PassiveAggressiveNotes.com is a website where you can submit photos of the best passive aggressive notes left my housemates, co-workers… anyone.  What a laugh!  I have worked places where passive aggressive notes have been the main method of communication from management.  And I have written quite a few passive aggressive notes to terrible flatmates when I lived in student halls of residence.

They went something like this;

"Hey guys! Because I’m really busy working three jobs and doing full time uni and not eating or cooking at home because I’m never around, I get a bit annoyed when I go to take the rubbish out and discover the bin is full of festering mould.  If the bag breaks in the bin, giving the bin a quick rinse would be great.  Thanks!"

"Hey guys, if you are going to leave dishes on the bench, could you give them a quick rinse out first at least?  Because yoghurt smells pretty bad after a couple of days.  Thanks!"

"Hey, I know we are all really busy because it’s the end of semester and stuff, but if you have mouldy stuff in the fridge, could you just bin it?  It’s pretty gross.  Thanks, and good luck with the study guys! It’s almost holidays, yay!"

Once another flatmate and I even penned a whole set of kitchen rules that we stuck all over the walls.  It was a completely pointless exercise.

Because I was ‘working’ from ‘home’ today (aka sleeping in bed), I spent a large part of the day distracting my collegues from working in the same way I would as if I was in actually in the office. So I sent the link to passiveaggressivenotes.com to my collegue. We both share a similar contempt for the passive aggressive way media officers (particularly in government departments) deal with our requests for information.  Here is an email that my co-worker sent back to me;

*Thanks* Ashlee, it’s really great how good you are at finding blogs, and its definitely a skill I appreciate! But maybe, it would be awesome if you used work time to address really important things like article writing, because remember, we’re all a team! And I love being in your team!

Also, I know you’re feeling really sick, as that right? If it is right, I hope you’re ok. But I’m really impressed that you’ve managed to send me these links despite your illness (even though they are kind of irrelevant and not following [company] email policy- is that because you’re feeling unwell that you forgot the rules? It must be?).

So, maybe I’ll see you at the trash party! I think it’s so great you can miss a whole day of work and still come out to party with us. It’s really interesting!

Remember- put in your bit of effort and the whole team will be great. Best ever regards!

I think she was joking.  I hope so!!  You’ve gotta love passive aggressiveness!

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